Orgamix Hair and Skin

 Our philosophy is simple; Use only ingredients that will feed your hair and scalp. Nourish it. If you want your hair to act nice, and your scalp to thankyou, let them thrive! We omit toxic, unnessesary chemicals, and strong fragrances. We then make products for winter and summer. Its that simple.

Orgamix was first created by Kim for her changing hair, skin and, scalp needs.  "I needed products  that worked, and that I enjoyed. A shampoo that didnt make my scalp itch. And fragrances that didnt knock me over!   It had to do with weather change, and organic/chemical ratios, & content. So after years of reseach & development. I mixed. For all of us!" This is Orgamix:

* Local Handmixed plant and fruit derived formulas {97%}

* Soft NATURAL nostalgic scents {50-97%}

* Organic vegetable butters and oils {100%}

* Safe synthetics {3%}

Pinapple, coconut, citrus fruit

Plant based beauty products that perform. No compromise. Our skin & hair changes with the seasons. So should how we treat it.

 Who is Orgamix for? Everyone! Healthy choices for ALL hair and skin types. Orgamix products are intermixable. Layerable. Multifunctional.

We are a small salon making big change. For us and for you!

All Orgamix products are FREE FROM sls, SLES, paraben, silicone, dye, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens, plastics, or irritants to us. Simply put, they are either toxic, or our bodies have to work super hard to remove them from our systems. All Orgamix products are vegan, biodegradable, and septic safe. Orgamix is a blend of organic and safe synthetic ingredients. We will continue to replace synthetic ingredients with organic alternatives as they are made available to us. 

 Our shopping page is currently under construction. To purchase go to Orgamix retail location 1870 portage ave. We thankyou for your patience. Stay Tuned!

Feed your hair & skin,

nourish it.....


Let it thrive!


OrgamixHairandSkin™ products are also available for purchase at Cocos retail location.