How to Get the Best Curly Hair

To have healthy shiney bouncy curls, follow these simple tips:

  1. Sleep with a satin pillow case: Less friction is better! Cotton will remove or absorb moisture FROM your hair. Curls need moisture. Or Pineapple. Ask you cocos stylist how to dry difuse to refresh curls.
  2. Wash less!   But dont forget to keep your scalp clean! Ask your cocos stylist how to cleanse while keeping curls hydrated.
  3. Trim! (dust) bimonthly. Every 3 months if your growing length. This is the max amount of time to wait. If you wait any longer you risk splits to deep to save. Especially if you color! We highly reccommend to trim bimonthly if you color.
  4. Moisturize more. Frizz is a curl waiting to happen! (Lorainne Massey)
  5. Do a dry shampoo. Apply cleanser to dry curls and scalp, massage in, then add water to rinse.

Then, follow This: Add Conditioner, finger or comb it through. Rinse. add your favorite curlcream or custard to drenched locs, finger comb through. then   squeeze handfulls of curls in an upward motion.  Towel blott. Clip, and airbake or diffuse. Shake.

HIGHLIGHT your curls. They pop more with color. Just make sure to ask for an olaplex treatment or ask your stylist to use organic Butterbleach (only at cocos!) for not only damage free, but nourishment and moisture as well.

Did You Know?

Curls are happiest when the scalp is clean and healthy, the right amount of moisture is applied,  and when the correct balance of that moisture along with  the right amount of  protein has been achieved midshaft to ends. This  is an ongoing balance of power between moisture and protein for the hairs attention! This is why every curly girl knows her hair and what works! So switch it up! Start with a clean slate  once in a month. Deep treat once in a while (5 TO 8 MIRACLE MASK). Check out our Orgamix page for different products according to what your hair needs or wants.