How to Get the Best Curly Hair

To have healthy shiney bouncy curls, follow these simple tips:

  1. Sleep with a satin pillow case: Less friction is better! Cotton will remove or absorb moisture FROM your hair. Curls need moisture. Or Pineapple. Ask you cocos stylist!
  2. Wash less!   But dont forget to keep your scalp clean! Ask your cocos stylist how to cleanse while keeping curls hydrated.
  3. Trim! (dust) bimonthly. Every 3 months if your growing length. This is the max amount of time to wait. If you wait any longer you risk splits to deep to save. Especially if you color! We highly reccommend to trim bimonthly if you color.
  4. Moisturize more. Frizz is a curl waiting to happen! (Lorainne Massey)
  5. Do a pre-cleanse treatment. Apply Soft Serve to dry hair on mid shaft and ends.  Optional: wait 20 min.

Then, follow This: cleanse, infuse, rake, rinse, water, cream, water, oil, drizzle water, ribbon, towel blot. clip, bake, then shake! Phew!  It's a lot, but  then your done!

HIGHLIGHT your curls. They pop more with color. Just make sure to ask for an olaplex treatment or ask your stylist to use organic Butterbleach (only at cocos!) for not only damage free, but nourishment and moisture as well.

Did You Know?

Curls are happiest when the scalp is clean and healthy, the right amount of moisture is applied,  and when the correct balance of that moisture along with  the right amount of  protein has been achieved midshaft to ends. This  is an ongoing balance of power between moisture and protein for the hairs attention! This is why every curly girl knows her hair and what works! So switch it up! Deep cleanse once in a while. Deep treat once in a while (deep infuse). Check out our Orgamix page for different products according to what your hair needs or wants, depending on the weather, or whatever!

How to Extend the Life of Your Colour:

Ever get a great colour service at your favourite salon only to have it wash down the drain after only a few shampoos? Sure the experience was pampering. They gave you cookies, specialty Tea, or an espresso. You relaxed in a relaxation area, caught up on some reading, or gabbed with a neighbour. Then had the best scalp massage for 10 whole minutes! On to the cutting floor where you and your stylist came up with a rockin' haircut plan! Then rocked the selfie wall! You walked out of there on cloud 9! That was Friday, then comes shampoo time...

Here are some color extend tips:

  1. Prepare for your color service: CLARIFY the night before. Professional color these days are more gentle. Which is what we want right? In order for the color to penetrate evenly, your hair must be CLEAN. so deep cleanse then infuse or condition before any color service.
  2. Use sulphate free silicone free shampoos - sulphates can strip color. Some silicone's create a barrier that over time is hard to remove. Color will not penetrate effectively with this kind of buildup.
  3. Use a color protect shampoo and conditioner such as Redkens color extend.
  4. Shampoo less often with lukewarm water, never hot. Always seal with a conditioner.
  5. Never deep treat with heat! Use a good leave in for moisture and protein - Orgamix Muscle Milk if you flat iron use a heat protector. Orgamix curl custard has brocholi seed oil for heat protection.
  6. Get regular trims, and be nice to your hair. Have realistic colour expectations.
  7. Make changes slowly to maintain the integrity of your hair.

Healthy hair responds best and hangs on to color the longest!

Follow these tips and it will help extend the life of your colour. And yes, we do offer espressos, specialty teas, have a relaxation room, a selfie wall  for you to rock with your rockin' stylist who has a hair plan for you!

Be kind to your hair!